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Las Vegas - 3 Ways

Within the last six years I’ve been to Vegas three times. Each time I’ve gotten into completely different things and had a great time three different ways. 1) A Double Couples Vacation – the sweeter side of Sin City. 2) Buzz Light Year – nightlife and the least sober, word to Hangover 3. And 3) Doing it Grand – The Grand Canyon, amusement Parks on top of skyscrapers and the best show, ever!

With all of this under my belt, I can finally say that I feel like I have conquered Las Vegas. (I guess third time’s the charm.) Does that mean that I should have just had a two-week long vacation in Vegas to get my full fix? Absolutely not. Vegas trips should be short and sweet. But it does mean that there are so many options for what to do once you touch down in “Sin City,” that you could get lost in the sauce if you don’t know what to get into. Because I am a great person, I outlined all the must-do Vegas activities and all my tips – from the best hotels to how to save hundreds of dollars – to make sure that you can have the time of your life in Vegas on the first try!

Things to do in Las Vegas:

Beach at Mandalay Bay Hotel - (FREE) yea yea, they have a hotel pool or two, but what’s realer is the hotel BEACH. Sand and all, minus the ocean (it is the dessert)

Bellagio Fountains – Water Show - (FREE) beautiful waterworks show every hour in front of the hotel. Definitely worth waiting around for

Dining Out - Most Vegas hotels have restaurants and buffets for unlimited eating at a set rate, so finding good food won’t be an issue. I highly suggest out of towners try Fatburger and wings at PT Pub (multiple locations)

The Grand Canyon - The sickest, dopest, most awe inspiring experience ever! I strongly believe that I connected with God here. Plus we walked off the edge of the cliff. You must see the pictures from this experience.

The Gun Store - “Barettas and amarettas, butter leathers and mad chedder.” Pop off! Shoot guns from AK47s to Snipers, Barettas to Rugers.

Lion Habitat at MGM Grand Hotel - (FREE) Real life lions in the hotel. Amazing experience and dope photo opportunity.

Nightlife - Vegas nightclubs cater to Top 40 music so don’t expect to find a spot that’s all Hip-Hop, R&B and Reggae – but they will be in the mix in the array of hotel clubs from Tao to Pure.

Go Kart Racing - Gather up your friends and talk smack before you see who really has the need for speed on the race track

Shows – Blue Man Group Show & Cirque du Soleil Show - Hands down the best show that I have ever seen was in Vegas – The Blue Man Group show. Cirque du Soleil is also greatness and will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Stratosphere Tower Hotel - the tallest building in Vegas… WITH A MINI AMUSEMENT PARK AT THE TOP LEVEL. One of the dopest things I’ve done in life to be honest. The view is epic.

Words and images by Rondel Holder

IG/Twitter: @KingRonTheDon

#lasvegas #uscityguide

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