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Feel Good Brunch. BusBoys & Poets - Washington, DC

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One of my favorite brunch spots in DC is Busboys & Poets. There are several locations around DC and Maryland, each providing a slightly different touch in terms of ambience. One consistent thread is that all locations feel black-empowered with a large selection of African American studies books, menus with the faces of civil rights leaders on the cover and paintings of famous Black people in American history. I was very suprised to find out that the local franchise isn't Black-owned considering the message that it pushes, but none the less, I support what they're putting out there and all races of folks frequent the establishments, providing an awesome feeling of togetherness.

Another consistent thread is the food. It is DIVINE. Keeping it simple, I usually get the french toast with scrambled eggs and bacon for brunch. It's to the point and perfectly prepared, not doing too much or too little. Omelettes and sandwiches are also good on the menu. It's definitely worth checking out and for me, is a go-to every time I'm in the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia area.)

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