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My First Time: Chicken And Waffles - Los Angeles, CA

Every single time I go to Los Angeles, I must have Roscoe's chicken and waffles. It's actually usually my first food stop if I can help it. It's a west coast staple and I remember the very first time I went to LA, I thought to myself "what is so special about chicken and waffles?" Having never been to the South or West Coast before, I couldn't figure it out.

Since then, I've had many a chicken and waffles, but there are very few that I can even put into the same league as Roscoe's. The waffles are buttery and a little cinnamony and basically melt in your mouth. The fried chicken is like your auntie cooked it. There's also a mini soul food menu that actually all tastes good but I still to the OG - 2 piece with two waffles. I get my life each and every time! #PraiseHim Not to mention it's super duper inexpensive.

There are several Roscoe's around the LA area. My favorite is Pasadena because it's the most quiet and secluded - and usually the shortest wait time (if any.) The most famous location is the Hollywood spot.

Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

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