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Summer Pastel for La Marina - New York, NY

I don't know what it is about me but I've always had a theme in how I'd like to dress for a segment of life. I went through a crisp phase, a hood rat phase, a rugged phase. As I got older, these phases started to get limited down to summer themes. Last summer I was "on a boat" meaning lots of deck shoes, polos, bright shorts. This summer, I'm in a jungle. Lots of tribal prints, bright and pastel colors, slightly less refined.

On Saturday I FINALLY made it to La Marina in Washington Heights, super duper uptown Manhattan. Everyone's been talking about this spot as the must-go for summer and I would definitely agree. If you're single, there's definitely a lot of eye candy and folks not desparately so, but waiting to get chose. Everyone looks their best. It's an open restaurant by the beach, which is equipped with white canopy beds and hookah stations for rent. Seriously feels like a little slice of South Beach, Miami in NYC.

The food is good - I had an amazing burger and fries, others had steak. The drinks were amazing and skrong! We ordered a pitcher of this thing called Perfect Punch which is Henny + who knows.

Anyway, as for style, I wore these orange kicks from Rockport by Adidas, copper watch from Michael Kors, sunnies from rayban and summer pastel colors and prints for errybody. Twas a great vibe all around.

#streetstyle #newyorkcity #diningout #nightlife

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