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Rasta Pasta - Brooklyn, NY

Because I refuse to ever leave my island boy roots....

For those who are unfamiliar, rasta pasta is almost like an italian alfredo or creme sauce with caribbean spices infused, peppers and vegetables. In other words, it's everything - AMAZING! At Footprints Cafe in Brooklyn, NY, rasta pasta is their specialty. You can order Rasta pasta with jerk (as photo'd above), curried, stewed or grilled chicken, chicken tenders, shrimp or beef... or another one of my favorites - BRAISED OXTAIL!

Everything on the menu lives up to West Indian standards and is one of the most authentic meals you can get at a nice sit down restaurant.

Note: avoid Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights if possible as it gets extremely crowded in the Canarsie location. Off peak times are your best bet.

Footprints Cafe - Canarsie/East Flatbush

5814 Clarendon Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11203 (718) 451-3181

Footprints Cafe - Coney Island

1521 Surf Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

(718) 265-2530

Footprints Express

1377 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11210


Words and images by Rondel Holder

IG/Twitter: @KingRonTheDon

#brooklyn #newyorkcity #diningout

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