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Lobster Ravioli in East Harlem

My friend celebrated her birthday at Ricardo's Steakhouse in in East Harlem. We got there around 8pm on a Saturday and mannnn let me tell you, in the dead of winter Harlemites were out in their furs and heels like it was nothing. The restaurant was super crowded, to the point where we barely had anywhere to stand while we waited for our table. Luckily, we had reservations so we didn't have to wait too long.

Randomly, singer and fashionista Teyana Taylor was in the restaurant - and people seemed to be unphased so I guess she's a regular there. Later Ricardo's posted a photo of Teyana on their Instagram so you know it's real.

Finally after sitting, we got a chance to look at the menu which looked really appetizing featuring a mixture of spanish cuisine, hefty options of steak, seafood and pastas. I opted for the Lobster Ravioli and I ain't mad at all! It was tasty as hell and probably the best tasting thing I tried. The frozen drinks are great also. Might be back for the summer.

#newyorkcity #diningout

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