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Oxtail Stuffed Tortelloni - New York, NY

I first visited Eataly last summer for gelato and a walk around the city. Not only do they serve gelato, but imported chocolates, cheeses, groceries, wines and more from Italy. There are a few restaurants also, included some casual restaurants that sell amazing sandwiches and pizza.

In the back though, they have a restaurant called Manzo's. I visited Manzo's for a special occasion. It's not inexpensive Italian food that you can get pretty easily in New York City, but it's slightly more expensive and the quality is AMAZING! Never had more authentic Italian food outside of Italy. When I mean amazing, I mean like oxtail stuffed tortelloni melts in your mouth like waaaaa?! Also tried the papperdelle which is delicious! I just can't express how great this place is. I will stop typing now because it's making me hungry just thinking about it.

Eataly (Manzo's)

200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

(212) 229-2560

Eataly Chicago

43 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 521-8700

#newyorkcity #diningout #chicago

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