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Always Repping - Brooklyn, NY

This weekend I took a trip to the new Wholefoods in Brooklyn (whoa!, Brooklyn done came up!) It's located on 3rd Street and 3rd Avenue in Park Slope. Equipped with a parking lot, solar panels to save energy, recharge station for hybrid vehicles, Wholefoods made it clear that when they came to Brooklyn, they came in with a bang.

After over-spending (but gladfully so, because Wholefoods has THE best quality food) I checked out their bar/restaurant at the top of the restaurant called The Roof. Ummm, I'll be back.

In the meanwhile, I managed to get my photo snapped around the corner from my new favorite spot. Repping with my Brooklyn Nets fitted that I copped off of eBay, leather sleeved varsity jacket from The Gap, denim from Black Brown 1862 and Sky Top Blue Tiger sneakers from Supra.

#streetstyle #brooklyn

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