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Mom's Last Wish - To Travel

My friend, Mila, reached out about her mom who is terminally ill. When thinking of what she could do to make her mom happy and really make her time on earth worthwhile, she realized that material things weren't necessarily the way to go. Her mom, who is Detroit home grown, had never traveled on a plane before - in all of her years she hasn't been able to see the world. So Mila thought of a grand idea to start fundraising to take her mom on a trip! Operation GET MOM TO THE BEACH! The idea at first seemed like a dream but after people got word and heard her story, donations began flooding and finally they made it to Puerto Rico.

"The trip was amazing and it really revitalized my mother. She is still glowing and smiling." - Mila

Unfortunately they didn't quite reach the goal for the fundraiser so Mila had to offset the cost of the trip with some of her own savings. With that said, any push to the page to reach the final goal of $8K or more would be greatly appreciated! This is exactly what Soul Society 101 is about. Check out the link below and donate if you can!

Words via Rondel Holder

IG/Twitter: KingRonTheDon


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