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Spanish Nights - Philadelphia, PA

If you're looking to get dressed up and have a great meal with friends, hit up a local happy hour with comrades, or even order a Friday night meal for you and your boop (Philly term of endearment) to make it a Netflix night, Tierra Colombiana is perfect for all these occasions. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and space for large parties, which my friends and I took full advantage of on my last visit for my birthday. I've also been to Tierra's for happy hour and me and my girlfriends walk out of there satiated and inebriated. (Fear not, we had a designated driver.) Additionally, if you don't feel like having a night out, you can always call to order in for the night.

Tierra Colombiana is reasonably priced, Colombian fare with a great ambience and welcoming staff. Though some staff members only speak Spanish, they are very accommodating and patient with non-Spanish speaking patrons. I've never had a bad meal there, and I've tried everything from the chicarones to the garlic shrimp to the snapper. My personal favorite meal is the shrimp in garlic sauce, yellow rice and the fried plantain with garlic dipping sauce. If you're into spicy foods, whatever you order, ask for a side of the hot salsa (salsa piquante). I think I order a tub of that stuff to-go every visit. It warms my heart...and my mouth!

Tierra Colombiana also houses a nightclub above the restaurant. So if you're in the mood for dinner and dancing on a Friday or Saturday night, Tierra's is a one-stop shop for maduros and salsa.

Overall, I would recommend this place to any and everyone. It's perfect for every occasion from birthday dinners to family dinners to girls night out. If you are visiting Philadelphia, most likely you'll be stationed in the Center City area of town. If that's the case Tierra's is off the beaten path of the more centrally located Spanish influenced restaurants in town, but believe me, it's so worth it! Salud!

Tierra Columbiana

4535 N 5th St Philadelphia, PA 19140

(215) 324-6086

Words via Gaelle Baptiste

IG/Twitter: @gigimartini

#philadelphia #diningout

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