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Best Places To Eat in New Orleans, Louisiana

I’ve been to New Orleans for ESSENCE Festival in 2011 and had a grand ol’ time. It started with me being on a 7- hour delayed flight due to a missed connection to me jumping out the airport and rushing to 2 hand grenades (the devil’s nectar) – attempting to catch up with my friends who had been enjoying the French Quarter for hours. Needless to say, it jumpstarted my trip with a kick.

My favorite thing about New Orleans is that it’s so rich in culture. Easily, you can say that there is no other city quite like it. With it’s French and West African influence, Cajun/Creole charm, distinct and DELICIOUS cuisine (lots of gator, decadent crawfish and shrimp, po boys, dirty rice, spicy chicken (even their popeyes is better than your average)) their own music (zydeco) in addition to their heavy jazz scene and DRANKS (must try hand grenades and hurricanes.)

Whether you’re visiting New Orleans for ESSENCE Festival, a Saints game (#whodat), the Jazz Fest or just to chill and explore the unique city, we’ve put together a list of the best places to eat on your trip to Nawlins to say that you’ve gotten that true NOLA experience.

Where To Eat in New Orleans?

  • Camellia's Grill for breakfast

  • Cafe Beignet for the beignets and live jazz music

  • Cafe Du Monde for the beignets and Frozen Cafe Au Lait.

  • The French Market for snacks - you have to try the roasted corn and bread pudding

  • Nola Restaurant for an upscale dinner - stuffed chicken wings!

  • Mother’s – especially for their Po’boys, just expect a long line

  • Coops – best spicy fried chicken & jambalaya

  • Drago’s – alligator bites and other seafood

  • Little Gem

  • Palace Café - Banana's Foster dessert!

  • Annunciation

  • Emeril's

  • Deanies Seafood

  • ACME – soft shell crab and fried or charbroiled oysters

  • Mr. B’s - lunch

  • Luke

  • Cochon

  • Eat

Off The Beaten Path Goodness

  • Martinique Bistro

  • Clancy’s

  • Cochon for dinner

  • Slim Goodies

  • Surrey’s for breakfast - Banana's Foster French Toast

  • Domilise for Po’Boys

  • Butcher – lunch

  • Willie Mae's Scotch House (Fried Chicken!)

  • Boucherie - Krispy Kreme bread pudding

  • The Joint - BBQ heaven

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