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Dear White People

Well if you have been living under a rock, the hype surrounding Dear White People is growing at a fast rate and you better pay attention now! This film is being coined as the Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing for our generation.

Film director Justin Simien states, "This film isn't about 'white racism', or racism at all. Dear White People is about identity. It's about the difference between how the mass culture responds to a person because of their race and who they understand themselves to truly be. And this societal conflict appears to be one that many share.”

This film is about being a black face in and white space and if you have attend a "PWI" (Private White Institution) you will be able to connect with this film. I was able to see a pre-screening of the film in NYC with the Film Society at the Lincoln Center and got to meet some of the cast. It was an amazing time, with a great Q&A! Just to hear from what the audience thought and to gain insight from the cast was perfect!

This film is a MUST see and will be coming to theaters via Lionsgate on October 17th! Check out the links below to watch the amazing teaser and find out more about the movie!

Words by Branford Jones

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