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Hand Grenades - New Orleans, LA

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Ask anyone who has been to New Orleans for fun and they probably have a story about these frozen bottles of fun. Hand Grenades are a Nola specialty, whose recipe they refuse to share with the world. It tastes super sweet (think like a new flavor of Kool-Aid) but is potent as whoknowshwat. My first visit to New Orleans I tried to catch up to my friends and have two in one night and let's just say the night didn't end well. This time I paced myself and was able to enjoy the benefits of this sexy beast of a drink. If you start near Canal and Bourbon and continue up Bourbon Street, you're bound to find at least 4 vendors who sell Hand Grenades within the first five minutes of your walk. I prefer mine frozen but they're also sold on the rocks. Either way it's roughly $8 and the beauty of New Orleans is that you can drink on the street. Fun times!

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