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Belle Butters

Kicking off our new segment on the blog of black business of the week is Natural Hair Care and Body Product company Belle Butters.


Belle Butters was created in 2009 by St. Louis native Tasha Burton. Her goal was to create quality natural products that were affordable for her body and hair. The products are indeed for everyone but as African Americans in a society that caters to an Euro-Centric style of life, it's hard to find products that help with African American Hair. Her company has grown so much since 2009, with 24 products, you can find something that will suit your needs. The product selection is so vast that you can use it for you lips, beard, skin (especially oily skin) or even perfume. The prices are very affordable and they range from $5 -$65! The company website has a FAQS to answer any questions that you might have which is a big help!

I have recently started to used the Beau Balm ($25) for my beard and my face. I tend to have really dry skin on my face, and it has worked wonders so far. As for my beard, the balm gets the job done. After I shower I use it and my beard has not been as itchy. I really recommend Belle Butters products, I hope to see the company grow and have mass distribution. There needs to be more products for African Americans that cater to our hair and skin needs.


To find out more about the products click on the links below:




Words and Images by Branford Jones

IG: Branfire / Twitter: Branfire


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