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Summer BBQ or Pool Party Drink Recipe

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My friends and I have an annual pool party cookout out in Long Island by the Hamptons. Chill fun times, roast marshmallows and make s'mores, swim, hang out in the lawn and just crack jokes and have a good ole "we grown but young and fun still" time.

One of my friends showed up with this amazing watermelon which served as a fountain of drank. Me being the foodie/lush that I am, I was one of the first to take a sip and mannnnn was it deeelicious, light and refreshing!

Below is a rough idea of how to make your own watermelon drank for your own cookout/bbq/picnic obviously altering to your personal drink taste:

What to purchase - a watermelon that can sit up straight, a spout, vodka and a light juice like lemonade to your preference.

1-Cut off the top 3rd of the watermelon

2-Scoop out the red of both the top and bottom portions of the watermelon and place it in a large bowl, just leaving the slightest bit of red left in the shell of the watermelon

3-Carve out a small hole in the shell of the empty watermelon as close to the bottom of the watermelon as possible while still reaching the hallow inside of the watermelon so that the drink can flow freely. Cut enough room to fit the dispenser spout

4-Create a drink concoction to your liking. (No water needed as watermelons are full of water naturally.) My friend created a spiked lemonade with vodka/rum and the watermelon puree mixed in a blender, beat until it was in liquid form so that it releases easily from the spout.

5-Once it's to your prefered taste, pour the new drink back into the watermelon and put the top back on

VOILA - you are now the life of the party.

Enjoy this recipe and I hope you are having the most amazing summer ever!


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