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Recap: Afropunk Festival 2014 - Brooklyn, NY

For those of you who have never been or heard of Afropunk Festival before, think of it as the culmination of all that is epic in cool-kid underground music, whether by nature or my choice, in the seam that locks soul, funk, punk and electric music together. And what better place than Brooklyn, NY, which has for as long as I can remember been the epicenter of underground coolness, and more recently than not with the migration of too-cool for school gentrifiers, making it the real melting pot for what’s next in culture.

We were blessed with tickets to this weekend’s lineup featuring some of dope performers like Sza, Lianne La Havas, Alice Smith, Zoe Kravitz, Fishbone and D’Angelo. if you are not familiar with these artists, get familiar! My man D’Angelo, who has had one of the slickest voices of our generation, did not disappoint. Though he covered a bunch of songs that most people were unfamiliar with, seemingly intentionally, he crooned the night away. Here’s hoping that he can make the ultimate comeback as I think we all miss quality 90’s soul music (come on Lauryn Hill!)

D'Angelo Soul Society 101 Afropunk Festival 2014.png
fishbone afropunk festival soul society 101 2014.jpg
sza afropunk festival soul society 101 2014.jpg
The Internet soul society 101 afropunk festival 2014.jpg
zoe kravtiz soul society 101 afropunk festival 2014.jpg

The vibe at Afropunk absolutely matches the music styles. You have skaters and punk girls with bull nose rings and green and pink hair, lots of dashikis, tie die and color blocking – you definitely get the feel of “new wave Brooklyn.” Even if you’re not about of that crowd, it’s a cool scene to people watch and get creative inspiration. It was a great experience overall and would love to check it out again next year.

soul society 101 afropunk festival crowd shot.jpg
soul society 101 afropunk 2014 crowd shot.jpg
crowd shot afropunk soul society 101 2014.jpg
crowd shot afropunk 2014 soul society 101.jpg
2014 crowd shot afropunk festival.jpeg

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