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Brunch Fever In Williamsburg - Brooklyn, NY

I had one of the best brunches I've had in a long time this weekend. If you're in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you've got to check out this spot called Sweet Chick. It's one of the best fried chicken and waffles in NYC (if not THEEE best,) my favorite shrimp and grits in NYC and bacon bacon bacon everywhere!

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fried chicken and waffles sweet chick soul society 101 brunch brooklyn williamsb

rosemary and bacon biscuit sweet chick soul society 101 brunch brooklyn williams

I also tried a special - The Rosemary and Bacon Biscuit - rosemary and bacon baked into an amazing buttery biscuit, with egg and cheese on the sandwich. YES WE CAN! My cousin who rolled with me wanted to try another special - the crawfish biscuit with poached eggs, but they ran out. I'm sure it would have been equally as decadent.

Like most restaurants on the Bedford Avenue strip in Williamsburg, the wait to get a table at Sweet Chick can be really long especially if you go during peak brunch hours. I would suggest either getting there when they first open - 10am, or when most people are already fed, around 2:30pm. Sweet Chick is also open for dinner, though I've never made it there for that. Whether you have to wait to be seated, or walk right in, it will be worth it. I'm still drooling thinking about it.

Sweet Chick

164 Bedford Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211

(347) 725-4793

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