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Traveling Beauties: Danielle Gray The Style And Beauty Doctor

Danielle Gray AKA The Style and Beauty Doctor is an NYC-based hair, beauty and style blogger. She is the first in our Traveling Beauties series where we interview beauty experts on their favorite travel destinations, travel stories, food and of course, beauty essentials for a life of jetsetting. LOVE her! Be sure to check out her blog,

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Now here's the scoop:

Soul Society 101: When did you first develop an interest in travel?

Danielle: My parents are from Trinidad so travel has always been something I've loved. I had a passport probably before I knew how to And then my junior high school (Robert F. Kennedy Incentive Program) would go on two international educational trips each year. I wanted to go on every one, but was lucky enough to go to Australia and New Zealand when I was 12.

Soul Society 101: That sounds like an awesome experience! What's your favorite place you've traveled to so far and what did you love about it?

Danielle: I would have to say Poland for now. I was invited to attend a beauty conference there with other journalists and bloggers to learn more about the Polish beauty industry. Warsaw is such a beautiful city---I was thinking I'd be lost and also ostracized, but the people were extremely friendly and there was so much to learn from the city's history as well as great shopping.

Soul Society 101: Is there a travel experience that stands out the most?

Danielle: Probably Colombia Fashion Week in Medellin. The city has gotten a bad rep because of its past, but the people there are so proud and really went out of their way to make sure tourists were having a great time. The food was also amazing. The production of Colombia Fashion Week was flawless---every show started on time aside from one show and that's only because the Colombian President was making an appearance. Not to mention Colombian street style is quite inspiring.

Soul Society 101: What's your dream destination? What's the allure?

Danielle: I have SO many dream destinations. Dubai because everything is just so beautiful and the shopping looks like it would be beyond amazing. Costa Rica because I hear it's a great place to do a solo trip plus I'd get to practice my Spanish. Maldives because OMG everything is so gorgeous. And Africa---I don't even really care which country---I just need to get my feet planted somewhere on the continent.

Soul Society 101: What are your travel essentials?

Danielle: I definitely make sure my hair is in some sort of protective style that doesn't take a long time to style. No one has time for long hair routines when you have sites to see. SPF is also a must and I don't care but I bring my full makeup bag with me for photo

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor stylenbeautydoc instagram twitter soul

Soul Society 101: I recently found out that you're learning how to swim. I noticed that becoming more common amongst African American adults who didn't learn as kids. What's your motivation to learn?

Danielle: An adult with Caribbean background who can't swim at that! I had to finally learn because I got tired of missing out on things because of my fear of the water. I missed snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and I missed swimming with turtles in Barbados because of my anxiety.

Soul Society 101: With you being so into fashion, do you think it makes packing for a trip harder or easier than the average person?

Danielle: Definitely I go in with good intentions to pack a capsule wardrobe but I just can't Luckily my Flight001 packing essentials make it easy. I can fit up to 2 weeks worth of clothes in my carry-on thanks to them.

Soul Society 101: I love a New Yorker, and even more, I love a native New Yorker. What are some of your favorite restaurants in NYC?

Danielle: In NYC I love trying new restaurants even though I don't really get enough time to really try as many as I like. But I love Megu, Tipsy Parson, Cafeteria (I have a soft spot for that truffle mac n, Kyochon (Koreans know how to fry some, Pio Pio, and I have so many more to add to my list.

Soul Society 101: New York is a big brunching town. When it comes to brunch, do you usually go for sweet, savory, or as long as it includes unlimited drinks?

Danielle: Definitely unlimited drinks. I'd eat egg whites all week to plan for a small waffle and tons of

Soul Society 101: Is there anything in particular that you're good at cooking?

Danielle: Hmm---"good" is I can follow recipes though.

danielle gray the style and beauty doctor stylenbeautydoc instagram twitter soul

Danielle Gray

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