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Tracy G. is the newest on-air host for Sway in the Morning on SiriusXM. Shade45 to be exact, also "a regular correspondent for BET, writer, sex and wellness savant and a Christian under construction." Haha. Knowing Tracy personally, I can tell you that she is exactly this dynamic and loads of fun. Read On!


Soul Society 101: What are some places that your career have taken you travel-wise?

Tracy: Ooo! First off let me just say this to the good God my creator: THANK YOU FOR PRESS TRIPS, GOD! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Okay, hi, I’ve returned.

Barbados was just gorgeous and welcoming and restful and fattening in every possible way. Miami’s Miami. LA’s LA. Minneapolis is an awesome place to drink and smile with strangers. Hmm, lots of other places, but right now my standout is Nashville. Time moves like a slug there, the air is cleaner, the warmest of people. Great place to fall in love over some wings.

Soul Society 101: What's your favorite place you've traveled so far and why?

Tracy: Oh. Hahahahaha! (See above.)

Soul Society 101: What's your dream destination?

Tracy: THAILAND. It’s just so lush and sexy, yet simplistic and alive. The perfect destination for naked yoga. Not to mention everything is heavenly cheap and only a few hours away from other wonderous spots like Singapore and Hong Kong. Also, the annual sky lanterns… man, listen.

Soul Society 101: What makes for a good travel buddy? Tracy: A well-balanced, open-minded, time-conscious, history-appreciative foodie! Someone who’s down to go on a guided walking tour, but also bike ride in the countryside, but also spend an entire day by the water reading, reflecting and sipping. Extra points if I can have sex on the beach with them minus the glass.

Soul Society 101: Have you done any solo trips? If so, what was that experience like?

Tracy: A true solo trip? Nah. My soul is craving it though, so in absolute due time. Singularity is something I can do very well.

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Soul Society 101: What are your travel essentials?

Tracy: A solid shower cap, because hotel ones are usually not dependable. After being stuck in a plane sharing the same oxygen with too many people a face mask to refresh my skin works wonders. Glam Glow is dope. Probably the most important is a satin scarf for my hair. And of course the basics like deo and a toothbrush.

Soul Society 101: Are there any beauty and hair products that in general you love and can't live without?

Tracy: Oh absolutely. Indique hurrrr (either Pure Wavy or Pure Curly), they’re just the best whether you’re channeling Beyonce or Solange. My holy grails are concealer (Make Up Forever HD/Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer) mascara (Benefit They’re Real!) and liquid liner (Benefit Magic Ink)

Soul Society 101: What are some of your favorite restaurants in NYC?

Tracy: Joya is an incredible not-so-secret secret Thai spot in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. Speaking of Cobble Hill, not too far from that is the GOAT, Buttermilk Channel. Gosh, gosh, gosh. Pies N Thighs in Williamsburg is also so so so good. Get their chicken and biscuit sandwich. Ha those are all cheat day spots, when I’m being normal Scottadito Osteria Toscana in Parkslope is magnifique and Roast Kitchen/Sweet Green for casual moves.

Soul Society 101: When it comes to brunch, are you a sweet girl, savory girl, or as long as it has unlimited drinks?

Tracy: I’m a savory girl, but also a convince someone else to be a sweet girl so I can have a bite girl. I’m always looking for an awesome eggs benedict prosciutto joint with potatoes. But believe me, I wish I could eat pancakes, croissants, donuts, French toast and Nutella confectionaries every Saturday and Sunday till death do us part. I just don’t. Drinks are important, but I hate gulping down calories really…unless it’s at Juice Press. I also despise anything coming from a bottle labeled with a percentage of juice under 100. I hate mimosas. Champagne and bellinis all day though! Unlimited is truly needed for celebrations, emotional conversations and taking advantage of a man.

Soul Society 101: Eat to live or live to eat?

Tracy: 70% former. 30% latter. But really, both can absolutely happen simultaneously with just a little dash of consciousness.

@ITSTRACYG Instagram / Twitter

Photo Credit: Briana E. Heard

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