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Dana Blair is a Louisiana native who presently lives in Brooklyn, NY. An entrepreneur, on-air personality and marketing executive, she is always on the run and happens to also be an avid traveler, priding herself to visiting the less beaten paths. The little down time that she has, she spends making loved ones (like me) laugh until I’m peeing on myself. Read On!

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Soul Society 101: What are some of your favorite things to do when in Louisiana and in NYC?

Dana: No matter what I love spending time with my family and of course stuffing my face! Louisiana is known for its food and intoxicating culture. If I am in New Orleans I have certain eats that I must experience and mostly enjoy hanging in the Marigny. If I am in South Louisiana, I like simply hanging with friends and family since it is often too dang hot to just "chill" outside.


In NYC, I like to "wander." You never know what you will stumble upon or find in NYC. Of course I love cocktails and eats with friends, and I REALLY love the theatre/art scene here. I love seeing how others bring their passion/vision to life.

Soul Society 101: If you could live in a parallel universe along with NYC, where else would you live?

Dana: Hmmmmmm Paris, Copenhagen, Thailand

Soul Society 101: Where are some cool places that work has taken you travel-wise?

Dana: Working on my ecomm site has brought me to some of the most beautiful places in Brasil.


Soul Society 101: What's been some career highlights to date?

Dana: I feel like I am just really getting started but interviewing some of my favorite stars and being an on-air talent is really a dream come true, everyday. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

Soul Society 101: What was the first stamp in your passport?

Dana: Italy. My brother and I backpacked from top to bottom and the "boot" is beautiful!

Soul Society 101: What has your 2014 travel been looking like so far?

Dana: This year has treated me well. I enjoyed the beautiful blue waters of Turks & Caicos, historic lands and palaces of Ireland and thoroughly enjoyed Copenhagen.


Soul Society 101: Tell me about 3 of your favorite travel destinations and what you love about them.

Dana: Chicago! (Not in the winter of course) The vibe of the city speaks to me. I loved Copenhagen- there is something very happy and carefree yet sophisticated. The Danes have so much history and in Copenhagen there is a respect for work life balance. Salvador de Bahia (Brasil) though I had taken a 10 hr flight, I felt at home. The history and connection between Bahia, Havanna, and New Orleans due to Slave Trade is easy to see. I felt as though my spirit had been there before.

Soul Society 101: What's on your travel bucket list and why?

Dana: Victoria Falls and Kenya; Fiji. The latter for obvious reasons: beauty and isolation; the chance to observe what God has made. I have an obsession with Kenya- forever! I am surprised I have not made it there yet.

Soul Society 101: What's one thing that looking at you, people probably wouldn't guess?

Dana: I love deep conversation and learning about people, culture and ideas. Lots more than heels and laughs over here.

Soul Society 101: At Soul Society 101 you know we are full-on foodies. Are you an eat to live or live to eat type of girl?

Dana: Depends on if I have a dress I have to fit :)

Soul Society 101: What can we look forward to seeing you do in the future?

Dana: Taking over a TV screen near you!

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