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Soul Society 101: Christina thanks so much to doing an interview with us today! Can you let us know what the title of your blog LoveBrownSugar means?

Christina: Well my last name is Brown and the color brown has significance to me because it's my skin color, so that's where it started. One of my favorite artists is D'Angelo and he has a song with those lyrics. So that's where it came from.

Soul Society 101: We know you have a great fashion sense. What are some must have items in order to survive the winter cold?

Christina: Must haves for winter: an amazing statement coat, a great pair of black leather boots (both high heel and low!) and one of my personal faves is a chunky infinity scarf that you can wrap around multiple times

Soul Society 101: What you favorite brand to wear or do you prefer thrifting?

Christina: I like brands and I like thrifting. My closet is a combination of both. I'm not into "labels" per se, but I shop most often on, at H&M, and Zara.

Soul Society 101: While running LoveBrownSugar, has it allowed you to travel overseas?

Christina: Yes, I've been quite a few places thanks to LBS. All over the Caribbean - Barbados, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and next year I'm even headed to Africa. Very excited!


Soul Society 101: Awesome. What has been your favorite place to travel to so far?

Christina: My favorite place in the world has to be Italy. I went back in college while studying abroad and it just stole my heart. Florence, Rome, Venice - I love them all. Italians like to eat too. And I love to eat so it feels like home. Next to Italy, I'd say US Virgin Islands. They are so peaceful and amazingly beautiful. You don't need a passport to get there which I think is awesome and part of my family is from there so it holds a special place in my heart.


Soul Society 101: Nice, do you prefer to travel alone or with other people?

Christina: With others! I've never taken a trip alone. The idea even scares me! I think those women who venture out into foreign lands by themselves are so brave. It's not for me though. My fondest travel memories were with family and friends.

Soul Society 101: Is there any place that you would love to cross off your list soon?

Christina: Thailand! I must go there. I'm hoping I can go next year. And I'm heading to Nairobi, Kenya next May which I'm SO excited about. I've always wanted to visit the Motherland and now I'm finally getting the opportunity.

Soul Society 101: Has traveling opened your eyes to possibilities of life?

Christina: Absolutely. There is something so special about seeing how other people live across the world. Most places I've been are less fortunate than we are here in the States and they are SO much happier than we are! That's what always leaves me breathless. People have so little and they enjoy life more than we do. It puts everything in perspective.

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Soul Society 101: So as LoveBrownSugar gives helpful beauty tips, what are some beauty products that are a must for the winter season?

Christina: Winter is all about moisturization so I recommend having moisturizing products across the board - lipsticks that are packed with Vitamin E and natural moisturizers, lotions and cremes that are oil-based for dry skin and hair products that help seal in moisture.

Soul Society 101: What beauty products can you not live with out?

Christina: Water. It's not a "product" but is the key to true beauty. When your body is dehydrated it doesn't look it's best, so that would be my go-to beauty secret. Everything else is just a cover up.

Soul Society 101: As NYC is a great place to dine out, what are some of your favorite places to eat at?

Christina: This one is SO hard. There are so many amazing places to eat in this beautiful city. I don't even know where to start. In Harlem, one of my favorite places to eat is a small cafe called Il Caffe Latte. They have the BEST salmon burgers, everything on their brunch menu is a must-try and their Mint Lemonade is heavenly. Also in Harlem, Kitchenette has the best pancakes and turkey sausage. When I want an amazing burger, I head to The Breslin at the Ace Hotel. Their lamb burger and fries will change your life. They also have really fantastic cocktails. And when I'm in the mood for sweets, I head to Magnolia Bakery in midtown OR Rice to Riches in Soho - their rice pudding is a game changer.

Soul Society 101: Do you prefer a nice dinner or brunch on a sunday?

Christina: Brunch on Sunday! I'm definitely a lady who brunches.

Soul Society 101: So what else can we expect from LoveBrownSugar? Anything you want to readers to stay tuned for?

Christina: Well I have a huge 5 Year Anniversary celebration coming up on December 13th to cap off my 2014. I'm really excited about it and of course more to come with and my newest mommy blog

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Interview by Branford Jones

IG: @branfire / Twitter: @branfire

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