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Kindred the Family Soul - we love em. That R&B/soul duo representing Philadelphia, PA. We had an opportunity to chat with them recently about their music, Philly, food and of course travel. Check it out below:

Soul Society 101: Your last album "A Couple Friends" came out in June. What was the response to that record?

Kindred: I think people were glad to see us return with another offering. Fans seemed to really enjoy the writing and felt the production was reminiscent of records they've loved in the past.

Soul Society 101: Five studio albums is a great accomplishment. Are you currently working on your sixth one?

Kindred: Not yet but we will.

Soul Society 101: What kind of sounds and different styles of music are you still looking to explore on the next album?

Kindred: We haven't really discussed it yet. But we like a wide range of music so any influence could show up.

Soul Society 101: What is you opinion of the state of music coming out of Philadelphia?

Kindred: The talent here has always been top notch, nothing has changed. Our indie scene is still active and we featured a great new artist name Chill Moody on "A Couple Friends".

Soul Society 101: Do you think a lot of talent in Philly is over looked?

Kindred: Lots of talent in many places are overlooked, Philly gets a lot of props as a city but I notice hip hop scene seems to be particularly under appreciated.

Soul Society 101: So you guys just had a trip to Paris! What was your experience like?

Kindred: We have been many times but it had been some time since we'd been there last. It was great to see that we still had a so many fans there. We had a ball running around the city in our off time. We rode Metro all over, explored the Louvre and went back to the tower at night. It was a fabulous trip.

kindred the family soul philadelphia paris food travel tour music soul society 1

kindred the family soul philadelphia paris food travel tour music soul society 1

Soul Society 101: Where did you guys stay, any recommendations?

Kindred: Le Mason LeFavart

Soul Society 101: Nice! Where is your dream destination that you still want to visit?

Kindred: Greece!

Soul Society 101: When it comes to food, what are your favorite dishes to make?

Kindred: I love making traditional soul food dishes. Potato salad, collard greens, corn bread, lamb, fried chicken etc.

Soul Society 101: Nice, what are some restaurants in Philly, that you love to dine at?

Kindred: Honey 's is one of our fav breakfast spots. We love our neighborhood restaurants. Vietnam Cafe and Aksum are two we like.

Soul Society 101: Well thank so much for speaking with Soul Society 101, is there any thing that fans can be expecting soon?

Kindred: We will likely begin recording new material in early 2015. We are always performing. They can check our dates on or follow @kindredshows on Instagram.

Interview by Branford Jones

@branfire IG / Twitter

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