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Hey Friends!

I was recently introduced to a woman named Madeline Boughton. She is a Newark, NJ native and she has created an educational trip for students to go abroad to London. Madeline has had the opportunity to travel and live overseas and from those experiences she’s had, it illustrated how important it is to allow people who normally are not able to venture out of their hometown to do so.

She has traveled over 50,000 miles across 4 continents and is passionate about educating youth on the benefits of travel. The program has identified six high school students to participate and travel from Newark to London. With your help we can send these students on the field trip of a lifetime, showing them a world outside of "Brick City."

A trip like this can change these students' lives forever in the context of how they navigate life. Many of these students of color will be the first in their families to go to college. The cycle of generational restraint is something that needs to be broken and that’s exactly what this program is doing. The Indiegogo campaign that Madeline ran did not yield as much money as she hoped. With the money raised and some of her own savings, they will purchase tickets this coming week. They still need to raise money from donors/sponsors for the hotel fee and meals. She is looking for an entity to purchase suitcases for the children. So please if you can spare anything please help these children see the world as they one day can grow up to change it.

The money that you donate is going directly to the expenses of this trip. They have raised about 2,330 of the 25,000 that they need. Check out the break down of what they need below:

•Airfare & baggage fees, EWR to LHR: $8,200

•Hotel fees for 1 week: $6,843

•Educational & tourist activities: $1,752

•Transportation: $2,800

•Meals: $2,400

•Travel Insurance $500

•Emergency and miscellaneous $1,000

The Educational Experience

•Spend 3 days at Fairleigh Dickinson University's Wroxton College

•Have info sessions by Dr. Baldwin, Dean of Wroxton College

•Visit Shakespeare's birthplace

•See a play at the Royal Shakespeare Company

•Tour the Houses of Parliament

•Visit the British Museum

For more information please visit

Madeline can be reached on IG and Twitter @travelingmad and her email is

Words by @branfire


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