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Some of you may know Xavier D'Leau better known as The XD Experience on the internets, from #BlackTwitter or his podcast 2 Guys And A Girl. We had the opportunity to interview him and learn more about his internet-based projects, as well as some good grub in Brooklyn! Read On!

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Soul Society 101: What inspired you to start the podcast "2 guys and a girl" Podcast"?

XD: Guys and A Girl was actually the brainchild of my co-host Jay Williams. Initially, he wanted a show with 4 men covering pop culture a la The View. He approached me about the idea and I said we needed an edge. I brought on one of my best friends Jade who is hilarious and the show was born.

Soul Society 101: Have you faced in obstacles so far with the podcast?

XD: The main obstacle that I've faced so far is funding. The show is featured on The X. D. Experience Network and all of that costs money. But through it all, we're having a good time and will continue to keep the show going.

Soul Society 101: What do you want listeners to gain from your podcast?

XD: A few laughs and a brighter day. We try to keep the show light. That's why we have a cocktail section in every episode. We just want you to sit back, relax, laugh, and have a cocktail with us.

Soul Society 101: With so many podcast being created by African Americans, what makes your podcast stand out?

XD: We have liquor in every episode! In all seriousness, some folks have that X factor. That inexplicable magnetism some folks have and I believe our show has that. We are surprised daily of the success of the show and are forever grateful.

Soul Society 101: So with having your podcast, you also have a web series called "Quarter Century WS". Can you tell us about that and how it got started?

XD: Quarter Century was started by Director and Creator Shayla Raqcuel. It’s her brainchild that began it’s journey about 2 years ago with season one that was based in Washington DC. It showcases the lives of 6 HBCU grads who are doing the balancing act of work, family, love, life, all the while managing to deal with this idea of “being grown.” I came on board in this current season, as it’s set in New York City. As executive producer, I just definitely give the support the show needs and greater visibility to this awesome story.

Soul Society 101: Were do you see your web series going?

XD: TV! TV! TV! And even the silver screen. The possibilities are endless.

Soul Society 101: Do you have any advice for so many looking to start their own web series?

XD: Just do it. Study your craft. Invest in quality equipment and make sure your sound is great. Above all else, make sure you have a quality story that no one has ever seen before, and you’ve got yourself a hit.

Soul Society 101: So, as you are based in NYC and at Soul Society 101 we love some great food, what are some of your top places to eat in nyc?

XD: My absolute favorite restaurant in NYC is Morgan’s BBQ in Brooklyn. First of all, all the best food is in Brooklyn and this might be the best bbq I’ve ever had since moving to the east coast 10 years ago.

I also enjoy Dunwell’s Doughnuts in Bushwick, another neighborhood in Brooklyn. The doughnuts are vegan but their gourmet flavors like butter rosemary make you forget all that.

Soul Society 101: Nice, any recommended brunch spots?

XD: Fushimi in Brooklyn. The venue is beautiful, and the food is chic. But brunch is only $20 and it’s all you can drink!

Also, Mango Seed in Flatbush, Brooklyn is amazing. They have the best coconut fried chicken and waffles and you can wash it all down with a blood orange mimosa.

Soul Society 101: So while running your podcast and webseries do you have any plans to travel?

I do. I’m back and forth across the country visiting family, but I will be going on a college tour in the spring. So I get to experience not only different places in the country, but college towns which are a fun experience all on their own.

More info here:

Interview by Branford Jones

Instagram @branfire / Twitter


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