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Our fly guy of the week is Chae Williams. Representing for Detroit, Michigan, Chae has been so many places we’d all like to be. He was the only one in the society who got featured in TWO of the top 14 travel photos of 2014. That says a lot considering how many great photos we receive. Read On!


Soul Society 101: What inspired your interest in travel?

Chae: I am a lifetime learner. I have always had a great affinity for history, geography and sociology. Seeing the world is a first-hand source of education that no institution can parallel.

Soul Society 101: Does your travel have to do with your career, or is it mostly personal?

Chae: My travel is purely for leisure. I travel to foster new social connections, to gain worldly perspective, to further my education, to challenge myself, and to to be able to tell great stories.


Soul Society 101: What was the first stamp in your passport?

Chae: The United Mexican States presented me with my 1st passport stamp.


Soul Society 101: What are some of your top travel experiences to date and what did you love about each of them?

Chae: Cape Town, SA; if you follow paleoanthropology and believe in the ‘Out of Africa’ theory then we are all descendants of the great continent. As such a certain euphoria was connected to my visit. Transitioning from human origin to human rights, Cape Town and surrounding areas hold great history of the anti-apartheid revolution lead by Nelson Mandela. Visiting Robben Island where Mandela was imprisoned, while being guided by a fellow political prisoner was surreal. Outside of political history and sociology the wildlife element and associative habitats also left me in wonderment. I had a chance to fully engage cheetahs in the Ceres Karoo, walk with giraffes, and snorkel with fur seals in the Atlantic Ocean.

Children in SA.JPG
Cape Fur Seals.JPG

Abu Simbel, Egypt; The Great Pyramids of Giza and monolith statue of the Sphinx tend to be the sought out staples of the Cairo Metropolitan area. However, Southern Egypt and the Nubian village of Abu Simbel delivered astonishing visuals and an epic story of The Temple of King Ramesses II.

Giza, Egypt.JPG
Abu Simbel.JPG
Abu Simbel, Egypt.JPG

Soul Society 101: Between your Egypt photos and your South Africa photos, do you have an affinity for traveling in Africa vs. other continents?

Chae: My admiration for travel is just that. It is not color, culture, climate, or continent specific.

Soul Society 101: What is on your travel list for 2015?

Chae: The list is tentative and in no particular order - Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL; Victoria, SEYCHELLES; Zakynthos, GREECE; Potosi, BOLIVIA.

Soul Society 101: What's your dream location to visit within your lifetime? or have you already been there?

Chae: Call me optimistic and intrepid but my dream location is outer space. A collaborative initiative between Virgin Galactic and Travel Quest has been in the works to send commercial passengers to space. I have read that tickets will start at 200,000 USD, so I am stacking my pesos, euros, forints, dirhams, pounds and dollars now.

Soul Society 101: Where are some of the most beautiful places that you've ever been?

Chae: San Juan, PUERTO RICO - Cancun MEXICO - Rome, Milan ITALY - Budapest HUNGARY - Athens, Kastraki GREECE - Cairo, Abu Simbel EGYPT - Bangkok, Chiang Mai THAILAND - Siem Reap CAMBODIA - Dubai UAE - Amsterdam NETHERLANDS - Cape Town SA - Punta Cana DR - Istanbul TURKEY


Soul Society 101: What are some travel tips that you can share to help novice travelers create the best deals or experiences possible?

Chae: Subscribe to progressive travel platforms like theflightdeal, faredealalert, and airfarewatchdog. The selection, organization, and presentation of verified reduced fares from those platforms has been instrumental in my world trekking.

Soul Society 101: Destination(s) with the best food?

Chae: Cape Town, SA and Istanbul, Turkey

Soul Society 101: Destination(s) with the best beaches?

Chae: I am not an avid beach goer, but I enjoy the beach element in Caribbean settings like Punta Cana, DR and San Juan, PR.

San Juan, PR.JPG
Punta Cana, DR.JPG

Soul Society 101: Destination(s) with the most unique experiences?

Chae: This is tough because the uniqueness of any happening depends on an individual’s preexisting experiences. Just go to Bangkok, where bad decisions, churn memorable experiences. Thank me later!

Soul Society 101: Destination(s) with the best city/nightlife?

Chae: Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE.JPG

Connect with Chae: Instagram

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