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I was able to catch up with actor, Brooklyn native, Robert Christopher Riley. He is currently based in Los Angeles shooting the 3rd season of the “Hit the Floor”, which comes on VH1 during the summer months. We chatted about his career, his travels and so much more. Check out the rest below!

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Soul Society 101: Hi Robert! Thank you for speaking with me today! I really appreciate it! Hit the floor is one of my favorite shows during the summer. How is season 3 going?

Robert: It's going great. Glad to be back with my Hit The Floor fam. We have a lot of fun making the show. The cast and I know what is expected of us so we work hard every day to create the best work. The chemistry we have on set is amazing and that helps a lot.

Soul Society 101: Nice! So what has Hit the Floor been like for your career?

Robert: It's been monumental. We wouldn't be doing this interview otherwise. I have been acting for a long time and did some work on Broadway but this show has allowed me to reach new audiences and expand my work.

Soul Society 101: So you in the month of Feb, you participated in Lance Gross's "50 Shades of Bae", how did that come about?

Robert: Allied Marketing/Universal reached out to see if I was interested and it seemed like a great project, which it was. I'm a fan of Lance as an actor and a photographer, so for me it was a no-brainer collaborating. It was great shooting with him and the shots came out great. Would love to work with Lance again.

Soul Society 101: Do you do any photography work yourself?

Robert: Yep! I have an instagram @thefreshperspectiv that has my work showcased on there. Photography is another passion of mine and it allows me to express myself in another creative outlet outside of acting.

Soul Society 101: Awesome! Speaking of your instagram, there is video of you singing and playing instruments. Are you planning to release some music sometime soon?

Robert: Nah, I keep my music in-house for now. But you never know.

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Soul Society 101: Here at Soul Society 101, travel and food is our thing! What are some of your favorite travel experiences?

Robert: Going back home to the Caribbean. I'm Trini-Bajan and on a flight from Barbados as we speak. I love the Caribbean. It embodies everything about me from the culture, and food. I feel my best when I am in the Caribbean and having family roots there I feel complete and alive.

Soul Society 101: What has traveling abroad taught you about yourself?

Robert: That all cultures have value and should be treated with respect. There is a learning curve but you can "fit in" anywhere.

Soul Society 101: Do you have any upcoming travel plans for the upcoming months?

Robert: Barbados, NY, Trinidad, Toronto, Miami and possibly London

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Soul Society 101: Great! LA is known to have some amazing food spots! Can you give us some of your favorite secret spots that nobody knows of?

Robert: My kitchen. I love to cook; it’s something that I am good at. I’d rather have friends over and enjoy a good home cooked meal. It’s authentic for me.

Soul Society 101: What's places would you recommend for Brunch?

Robert: For brunch I would recommend Franklin & Company, then there is a spot in Santa Monica out of a Loews hotel that is really good. It’s a dope atmosphere and the food is on point.

Soul Society 101: Again, thank you so much for speaking with Soul today! Before we got is there any thing you want to let your supports know to look out for?

Robert: I just started a production company for Caribbean Events and Carnivals around the world called "Hollywood Massive". We will debut at the Los Angeles Cultural Festival/Hollywood Carnival on June 27th. We have created a costume line and we will be producing and hosting a number of events around the cultural festival and the carnival events overseas. I have some of the best designers from Brooklyn and Trinidad working on my stuff. That’s the most recent stuff but I also have my photography, which is under the "freshperspectiv" umbrella without the "e" and you can see some of that stuff on my personal instagram and the "freshperspectiv" account. Last but not least just watch the up coming season of "Hit The Floor".

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