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Traveling Beauties - Maga Moura

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Soul Society 101: Hi Maga! That you so much for speaking with me today! For those

who don't know you in the states, can you describe what you do?

Maga: Thank you, it’s my pleasure. So, I’m Magá Moura from Brazil. I studied Public Relations in college, specializing in Coolhunting and Fashion Marketing. I also have my own website -, where I love to talk about lifestyle, culture, music, places, braids and fashion.

Soul Society 101: Nice! You call yourself a Cool Hunter! What does that mean?

Maga: It’s a lifestyle, but I studied Coolhunting at Instituto Europeo di Design, in 2012. The cool hunter is always ahead of trends, and can anticipate what is about to become a big hit in the world. We have to be very observant of everything that happens in society, today and also in the past. You must foresee the right trends and for that you need be traveling, reading, studying and of course, born with the profession in your veins.

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Soul Society 101: You have been featured on so many fashion websites and your hair has been an array of colors. What do you love about having different hair colors?

Maga: I love colors and as a good coolhunter I love to launch trends. I’ve been wearing braids for 7 years, so I decided to put color on them when I saw Rihanna in a pink wig. After the huge success of my pink braids, I decided again do something new: choose 5 colors and put them together as a rainbow. Now I changed them again, it is yellow! I’m kind of addicted in changing the colors now. It makes me feel powerful and beautiful.

Soul Society 101: What are some career highlights?

Maga: I think that everything that I worked with helped to shape who I am, but I can say, for sure, that I’m really proud to be an ambassador for Nike. It is a brand that I always admired as a PR professional and as a consumer and now I can represent them and their amazing products. Also, my work with Jamaica Experience was really important because it was focused on empowering black culture as a whole. I can say that I’m really glad to I get to work with causes and represent brands that I really believe and connect with.

Soul Society 101: You are always traveling, so what are some of your favorite

places that you have been too?

Maga: I love London so much and I would love to live in Barcelona. But the most beautiful place that I have ever been in life was Hersonissos in Crete - Greece.

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Soul Society 101: Any places you have on schedule this upcoming year?

Maga: Buenos Aires and London. Probably I'll finally go to Angola, New York and Jamaica as well.

Soul Society 101: Since you are a native of Brazil, what are some fun things to do

in Brazil?

Maga: Beaches definitely are the best part of our country. Bahia, the state that I was born, and is a paradise. Furthermore, there are many awesome islands to travel to as well.

Soul Society 101: What do you love most about Brazil?

Maga: The weather is the best thing here! haha

Soul Society 101: What are some of your favorite Brazilian foods to eat?

Maga: Acarajé (food from Bahia) and barbecue.

Soul Society 101: Brazil has some amazing beaches, what are your favorite ones to

go to and why?

Maga: Trancoso/Bahia - I went there in the low season, it’s so perfect. It has a beautiful fishing village, with incredible beaches and lovely people.


Next is, Praia do Forte/Bahia - I don’t have words for this beach. It is just life.


Lastly, Rio Tavares - Praia da Joaquina/SC - It Is an empty and wonderful beach, just the locals know how incredible it really is.

Soul Society 101: So before we wrap up Maga, are there any projects your supporters should look out for in the up coming year?

Maga: Hummm...should I say? Haha

Lots of projects, but this year I will be in some really special places for black culture. Just keep checking my website! :)

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