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At this point you should be very familiar with how much I enjoyed my trip to Grenada. I ate so good that I had to dedicate a post to the meals I had while on the island. I can't wait to go back and indulge even more.

Here were some of my favorite meals in Grenada:

Umbrella's Beach Bar - The very first meal that I had in Grenada was at Umbrella's. Located right on Grand Anse Beach, you can't ask for a better view from the top floor of the restaurant, which looks right onto the beach and the green hills. We indulged in some amazing wings, conch fritters, island burgers and the best rum punches. It definitely is the ultimate spot to "lime" when planning a beach day.

Oliver's Restaurant at Spice Island Beach Resort - We spent two days at the immaculate Spice Island Beach Resort and they served dish after dish of pure decadence. From fresh seafood, to curry goat, to roasted duck and oxtail, traditional Grenadian dishes met upscale tastes with ease and precision. It was all cooked and seasoned to perfection. No matter where you stay in Grenada, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not stop in for at least one dinner at Oliver's Restaurant.

Belmont Estate - Known as the Caribbean's finest Afro-tourism experience, the Belmont Estate was quite the site to see in Grenada. Not only is it beautiful, but we were also in for a treat as there was a live performance by a local singer as well as Shortknee singers. Shortknee is a traditional form of mas in Grenada - a very prominent component of carnival. They are known for singing chants (that often reflect current events and politics) and prancing around with bells on their feet.

The fully functional historic plantation also serves some of the best bites on the island. I had an amazing mango juice that was so fresh and refreshing, enough to make me rethink the syrupy version of mango juice is the US. To eat, I had stew beef, BBQ chicken, provisions, rice and salad with a side of pepper sauce. YES!

The New Nutmeg Restaurant and Bar - Roti is one of my favorite foods and I was determined to get some good roti while in Grenada. My cousins took me to Nutmeg's restaurant near the Carenage where they used to live. The roti was great, packed with curry chicken, potatoes and other greatness. It was HUGE but I devoured it all because I'm greedy like that, but you could easily share the meal with two people. I also celebrated my birthday here and enjoyed some nutmeg ice cream for dessert. Oh, and of course a Lime Shandy on the side. Definitely my happy place.

Coconut Beach Restaurant - Take in a great view from Grand Anse Beach while indulging in island treats. Specializing in french creole seafood dishes and cold Caribbean cocktails, Coconut Beach Restaurant is where to go if you're spending a day at the beach, want a meal ON the beach, to head right back to the beach. Something that's very likely to happen once you hit beautiful Grand Anse Beach.

Have you had any other amazing meals in Grenada? If so, e-mail me I want to hear more about it because I'll surely be back soon! I love Grenada.

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