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During my recent trip to Grenada I had the opportunity to luxuriate for two days at the renowned, 6-star, Spice Island Beach Resort.

Tucked beneath acres of swaying palms on Grand Anse Beach, everything about Spice Island Beach Resort is above and beyond what you expect from a luxury resort. The design aesthetic, the landscaping, amazing views, spacious private villas, perfectly prepared meals - but most importantly, the service level is to me what makes me crave the feeling of being "home" away from home.

Here are just a few reasons why I can’t wait to return:

Black owned, locally owned business: Sir Royston O. Hopkin, KCMG is a Grenadian-born, black man who runs a 6-star resort and has empowered his family to help run the business. That rare and inspiring fact is enough for me to continue to support. If I'm going to do luxury in the Caribbean, I am going to do it at Spice Island Beach Resort, supporting my fellow black man who is fulfilling his entrepreneurial dreams.

Sir Royston acknowledges the level of commitment and dedication needed for black entrpereneurs. "You have to work twice as hard, especially in this industry. And once people see you, you are up on a pinnacle so you have to keep working hard."

Standard Of Excellence In Service: It felt like we never lifted a finger or longed for anything during our stay at Spice Island Beach Resort. If that was their goal, then mission accomplished! What I loved most is that Sir Royston, was at the resort the entire time, walking around speaking with guests and checking in to ensure that everyone was happy. This is a huge part of what differentiates Spice Island Beach Resort from other resorts. Sir Royston provided proactive direction to his staff from his observations on-site, creating a seamlessly relaxed and accomodating stay for guests.

"Spice Island Beach Resort is run based on vision and passion for excellence. I measure my experiences from traveling and I challenge myself to deliver the kind of product I want. You have to know your clientele and challenge yourself. We make adjustments everyday" says Sir Royston.

Beyond anticipating your needs, every staff member goes above and beyond to make your stay pleasant. I was greeted as "Mr. Holder" throughout my stay. From placing the dinner napkin on my lap to being helpful with questions and directions, to ensuring that our private pool remained clean, I was in awe at how the entire staff worked in unison with the mission of making their guests comfortable. More importantly, they all seemed happy and their happiness and peaceful energy resonated and was contagious. Before we knew it, we were grinning foolishly and practically floating around the resort ourselves.

Epic Villas: There are 64 villas across the 8.5 acres of land that Spice Island Beach Resort is built on. There are many different types of rooms, such as the Cinnamon and Saffron Suites, Luxury Almond Pool Suites and more that offer different amenities. If you'd like a hammock to relax in until the stars come out, your own private garden, views of the beach directly from your bed, and in our case, your own personal full size pool (6ft deep) within your gate, there's enough to "wow" any type of traveler. You're allotted so much space and leisure that your villa essentially becomes your own private oasis. You could easily stay at this resort and not bump into other guests other than for meals and maybe the pool. As Sir Royston puts it, "it's an environment where you can come in and get lost." The epitome of rest and relaxation.

The villas are modern and chic, with a touch of Caribbean & perhaps Moroccan flair. Our spacious bathroom had a sunroof that allowed for natural light to add to the already relaxed and serene ambiance. Our room was equipped with everything from Molton Brown products (which my fiancée LOVES), ample towels and toiletries and a private concierge phone, to the smaller details like Q-tips and insect repellant for pesky mosquitoes (both things I forgot to pack!)

Landscape: Like the island of Grenada, Spice Island Beach Resort touts an abundance of vibrant flowers and lush greenery. I appreciate that the resort feels more like a nook, in tune with the island’s vibe versus building up boisterously against the grain. The understated elegance of the landscape allows you to feel like you are living in Grenada, not just visiting. It doesn’t feel much like a traditional resort at all, though it provides all of the amenities and more.

Decadent Dishes: Nothing is worse than staying at an all-inclusive resort and being subjected to not only watered down drinks, but food as well. Not in this case. I had some delicious meals around the island of Grenada and I can honestly say that we had some of our best at Spice Island Beach Resort. Everything was cooked and seasoned to perfection, upscale and "down home" Grenadian-local dishes which I appreciated. This is a result of Sir Royston's Grenadian heritage that he carries as a badge of honor. "Every night there are [local cuisines.] That's my DNA. I've carried the tradition and refined it even more."

All In The Details: You can tell that when developing Spice Island Beach Resort, enormous proportions of thought and care were put into how they could best accomodate guests and make their stay the best experience possible. Everything from the the lounge available for guests to shower, change clothes or even into your swimsuit to head right to the beach until their room is ready, to the Nutmeg Pod where adults can leave their children behind in a safe and entertaining space while they enjoy peace of mind, to the serene Janissa's Spa where our Swedish massages solidified our state of zen, you will simultaneously feel cared for and unplugged anywhere along this magnificent resort that I cannot wait to visit again.

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