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Senigallia, Italia

Out of all the cities that I got to visit while in Italy, this was my absolute favorite. I’m a beach lover and an empty beach adorer; I got to visit this city at the perfect time to experience Senigallia at its peak (in my opinion). A British friend of mine that I met while studying abroad in Italy told my friends and me about this destination. He and his family used to vacation there when he was younger and he had nothing but fond memories of the place. A bunch of us decided we would go because it’s a small beach town and Perugia, where I was mainly residing while studying abroad, is a landlocked city in the center of Italy.

We took a train all night and upon our arrival in mid June the atmosphere was perfect. The streets were not packed with people. We stopped at a café and had some breakfast (cappuccino and croissant with nutella) and then continued our journey; taking pictures in front of Rocca Roveresca (The Castle) over here, an empty gelateria over there, and finally ending up at the beach!

June is probably the best month to go there if you’re not into crowds because many people go there for vacation in late August. The beach was fairly empty with a handful of other people enjoying the water and a few random vendors passing through trying to make a quick buck. Entrance to the beach was free and we paid 5 Euro for a chair, which was for an all day rental—not bad at all. There were little souvenir shops nearby to find inexpensive clothing and other merchandise. The best part of the beach was visiting on a night where there was a fireworks display!

We ate at a little restaurant that had reasonably priced Italian food with a lot of seafood options for lunch, for dinner we found a random Cuban spot that happened to have hamburgers, which we were craving at the time. The beach does close a bit early, so I would recommend visiting in the morning to get all the time you need. They have showers and lockers, if needed. Also if you take a cab or nice stroll, you can find many nightlife destinations; a lot of the people who live in town seem to come out at night.

If you will need to take the train back to wherever you came from make sure to know the schedule for the train… we ended up missing the last train out and ended up pulling an all-nighter, exploring all over town, hence how we found the nightlife.

All in all I really enjoyed Senigallia, there’s something about a beach town that stays with me. Definitely check out this hidden gem in Italy if you ever get to go!

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