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Black Business Interview: PULLEDTOGETHER

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us. We’ve seen so much about what you’re doing with Pulled Together, but for those who don’t know, what is PULLEDTOGETHER all about?

RF: PULLEDTOGETHER is somewhat a celebration of my upbringing. It represents my family, my southern roots, family reunions, summers on the lake… just the nostalgia of my childhood with good food at the center.

What was the driving force behind you starting PULLEDTOGETHER?

PULLEDTOGETHER came about out of desperation to impress my lady. I was broke from paying NYC rent and had to get creative when it came to dates and such. I started cooking and realized I was actually good at it. It also brought a sense of calm and relief to my life. I could escape the monotony of the daily city grind by exploring recipes, spices and such. About a year later, I was encouraged to start a blog and here we are…2.5 years in.

What has been your career highlight to date?

Definitely our products! We just launched our handmade leather coasters and our handmade premium kitchen shears. We are excited about the overwhelming feedback on the products and the pre-orders are continuously rolling in. This has been some time in the making, so we are excited that so many of our followers love the products.

I know you’ve been jet setting back and forth across the US. What are some of your favorite places that work has taken you? And what did you like about these places?

I honestly love being able to go back home (Charlotte, NC) for special events. Being able to share my passion with my family and friends who knew me when boiling water was a fail, it’s a great feeling.

Outside of work, are you a traveler?

Absolutely! I love traveling to different places and meeting people… experiencing new cultures and food is the highlight of any trip stateside or international.

What inspired your interest in travel?

Experiences… that’s what life is all about. Stepping into the unknown and becoming familiar with everything the world has to offer.

Awesome! Out of all the amazing places you've been, what are some of your favorites and why?

I went to Cuba earlier this year and that was by far one of the highlights of my travels… for so many reasons… the architecture, the rum, the music, the people, and of course the vintage cars! I recommend everyone go now because it is definitely slowly changing.

What are your dream destinations?

Buenos Aires is definitely on my list of places to visit soon. I read somewhere that Argentinians have the second highest consumption rate of beef in the world. And, well, I happen to like a good steak… so going to a parrilla night after night is my idea of a great vacation/food voyage.

What makes your catering different from the others out there?

We always make sure our food & lifestyle brand extends beyond our online content into our projects. Each of our catering projects are built on a very masculine and clean aesthetic. I think this helps to differentiate our catering experience from others.

How do you come up with your personal recipes?

I really enjoy cooking classic dishes. So, I'll always start there when trying to come up with personal recipes. I guess you can say that over time, you start to find ways to add your personal touch. The more you cook the more creative you become.

Favorite meals to cook?

My favorite meal to cook is Croissant French Toast. Substituting toast for croissant takes this classic dish to another level. Plus, my family loves it!

Great! Lastly, what’s up next for your business?

We are working on some curated events in the near future… possibly some pop-up dinners, invite only. We want to keep the experience simple and intimate.

We are also continuing with our product strategy and expanding our offering. Great things in store so subscribe to the blog and stay tune for the updates.

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