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Traveling Beauty: Ivy Coco

Hi Ivy! Thank you so much for speaking with us today! So for those who don't know you, can you give a brief background of what you do?

Well, I’m Ivy! A lot of people know me as Coco. I’m a fashion blogger, model, and I also work for a fashion-consulting firm in Los Angeles. I have my life style blog that I run. It’s very important to me because it talks about my sense of style and illustrates how our style is reflective of things that we have gone through in our life. My blog is something that is very personal to me. It doesn’t look like your typical style blog; I want people to actually get to know who I am, my story, and possible learn from me and vice versa.

Great! So what was the inspiration behind your blog, Ivy Coco? What message are you trying to send to your readers?

With my website, its not just photos I’m actually writing about my experiences. It varies from what inspired me to wear that outfit or even if there is historical value as to why I wore that piece of clothing. Sometimes people tend to think that style is just something you throw on, but it’s really about who you are. I want my readers to get that from my blog. I don’t want them to just see where you can buy an outfit, but to learn that their style is who they are.

Your Instagram account has amazing photos from your travels abroad. What has your 2015 travel been looking like so far?

This past year I was living in London, so I was traveling around Europe doing some modeling out there. It was an amazing experience and being in Europe for half the year is something that I absolute cherish.

Tell me about 3 of your favorite travel destinations and what you love about them.

I am a European citizen so it’s very easy for me to travel abroad. So my top three places are definitely London, Morocco, and Barcelona. What I love about London is that everyone is so confident in everything that they wear. They are a culture of people who are so perfect and everyone has their own sense of style. I really love the architecture around the city. The shopping is amazing, I lived right off Oxford Circus, and so after I would get out of class I would go shopping. Zara was my go to spot since I lived right across from it. Also witnessing the holiday visual merchandising was amazing, it felt like a full on festival during that time.

Morocco is the place I resonate with the most, especially if I were to go back to Africa and find my roots. It was a place that I had a deep connection with culturally. The people, food, history, and the shopping there was great. I loved it and the people always told me I look like them because of my thick eyebrows, so it really ended being an amazing place. This trip allowed me to meet great people that I connected with.

I loved Barcelona so much because of my appreciation for art. When I lived there, I was at the art museum of Picasso and it was an incredible experience. He is one of my favorite abstract artist. I always thought he was much younger, but to learn his story and realize that he started making portraits through painting and sketches was fascinating to learn. I loved his lifestyle and his artistic being. I was able to visit la Sagrada Família; it was great to see a historical place with amazing architecture. It has been under construction for multiple decades and has yet to be completed. It’s a massive cathedral that just keeps going and going. It really had an impact on me. Of course the turn up was real in Barcelona, the nightlife is incredible, and the people are so much fun.

Have you traveled alone before? How was that experience?

I have been traveling alone since I was about 10 years old. My first experience was traveling from Los Angeles to visit my family in Jamaica. It was a great experience because I didn’t need security. Traveling alone gave me a sense of freedom and showed me how to be independent. Maybe it’s because I’m a Capricorn and they say that we are truly independent; I thought it was something that I was ready for. I didn’t miss my parents at all, I felt it was just truly apart of me.

What's your dream location to visit within your lifetime? Or have you been there already?

My dream location is to visit Egypt! From the 6th grade I’ve loved its history and have been obsessed with the pyramids. The look of the people and the style has always fascinated me, the whole country. I really have a deep admiration for Egypt, one day I plan to sail on the Nile River and take photos in front of the pyramids.

If you could live a parallel life anywhere in the US or around the world, at the same time as your current life in your current city, where would it be and why?

The city that is parallel from LA for me is New York. I am currently doing that [living bicoastal] right now, with modeling. This lifestyle allows me to do my blogging and that amazing for me. I do think that one day I need to pick which city I want to live in. I would also like to continue higher education. I plan on having my masters and PH.D by 30. Maybe NYC might be where I will stay for the next 5 years.

What has your biggest learning experience from traveling been?

The biggest learning experience for me has been mastering patience. You might have an itinerary going to one destination, but things may change if something else catches your eye. Patience is definitely key to a great trip. While being an observer of cities, people, and countries, there is so much you can learn from just watching. That is something that I have learned on my many trips.

What are some travel tips that you can share to help novice travelers create the best deals/experiences possible?

For Women: Always have your essential make-up. You should also always have a black dress because you will never know where you are going.

For both men and women: I feel that you should have an outfit planned for each day that you are there, so you don’t over pack for your trip. People that do over pack need to remember that you are probably going to go shopping, so don’t over pack.

Another tip is to always bring something back from wherever you go. I think that’s super important because you can have it in your possession and state that you have been certain places. Lastly, take a lot of pictures. Pictures speak for themselves with a thousand words, I truly believe that.

What are some of your favorite dishes to cook?

I am actually really good at making BBQ Jerk chicken wings; it’s my favorite thing to cook. I also love to make Apple Crumble cake. Those are my favorite two when it comes to dessert and main dishes.

Nice. What are some great places to dine in NYC that you would recommend?

In NYC, I love going to Cafeteria! It has been one of my favorite places to go since I was 12. The restaurant has great drinks and the chicken and waffles are to die for. Another thing is that they are open late night, so if you are out on the town with friends you can always head there to get a great meal before you head home.

Again, thank you for speaking with us! Before we go, do you have any upcoming projects your supporters should be on the lookout for?

I am in the process of starting my own eyelash company called “Eyelashes”. I’m really focused on expanding my blog and adding some beauty features, so look out for that.

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