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When my childhood friend and Brooklyn-native, Kerry Coddett, informed me that she was setting up a Brooklyn Kwanzaa Crawl - I knew without a doubt that it would create a splash bigger than Brooklyn has seen in a while. A much needed big ass group hug for black people, like the first time you experienced Solange's A Seat At The Table.

I wasn't able to participate in this year's Kwanzaa Crawl since I was on my way to the beautiful island of Grenada, but that didn't stop me from living vicariously through tons of epic action shots and videos across my social media from some of Brooklyn's top creatives, business execs and influencers.

The Deets

16 "teams" of 50-100 people each rotated between 17 Brooklyn bars, restaurants and lounges - including some of my favorite Brooklyn staples like 333 Lounge, Mo's Ft. Greene, Rustik Tavern and Vodou Bar.

Over 1,600 beautiful black people were in attendance, bringing business to these Brooklyn venues across 6 different neighborhoods - Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, and Park Slope.

The event aims to promote Kwanzaa's priniciples including the first, unity or Umoja and cooperative economics or Ujamaa.

Founded by comedian/writer Kerry Coddett, Operation Mobilize is a community based

organization of artists and social activists who work together to impact change. They provide actionable strategies for how everyday people can become engaged in their community to counter the political and economic effects of systemic oppression. Their work is specifically aimed at fostering a greater sense of togetherness within the black community.

BRAVO on making it happen. All this black excellence looks so good. Looking out for the 2017 SAVE THE DATE.

#brooklyn #newyorkcity

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