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Hey squad! @glographics here to share some of my most memorable photos and tips from my time in Peru.

Obviously visiting Machu Picchu was a highlight, and it’s a notable World Wonder for a reason! But Peru has so much more to offer and I’m excited to share some hidden gems we discovered along the way! Not to mention, average meals cost $3 and drinks about $1. What’s not to love?! So who’s been to Peru? What was your highlight?

Getting from Cusco to Machu Picchu can turn into an incredibly scenic and relaxing ride if you go with @PeruRail — and the meal is included! Breakfast with a view goals or nah!?

Put me anywhere in the world and I’ll both blend in and stand out at the same time. One of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen can be found in the sand dunes of the Peruvian desert in Huacachina.

Who knew Peru had so much more to offer than just Machu Picchu! Seriously, I couldn’t recommend this country enough!

Peru is such a magnetic and charming country, that its architecture was a pleasant surprise in between exploring small towns and villages. This elaborate church can be found just outside of Lima, Peru, and I highly recommend using @PeruHop to get around in between cities, because they make stops like this on their routes! While Peru is safe enough for solo travelers, it’s even better with a friend!

One of the highlights of visiting Peru was riding the dune buggies and sandboarding in the Huacachina Desert! Such a vast, yet gorgeous scene is best appreciated with the country’s most notorious drink - Pisco Sour. It took one tipsy stroll to remember that life is as adventurous and daring as you choose to make it.

Thanks so much for tuning into my takeover from my 45th country - Peru! Lima was our first stop and is most known for its amazing cuisine and surplus of yummy ceviche! If you have any other questions about traveling Peru, please drop them below in the comments, and if you’d like to follow my next adventure, I’ll be traveling around 10+ countries in Africa over the next 4 months! See you guys somewhere in the sky and never stop exploring this incredibly stunning world we get to call home!

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