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The city "Nice" (pronounced Neese) is located on the French Riviera and there is no other way to say it ... Nice is Nice! As an added bonus and a cheap way to add to the list of countries you've visited, a train ticket from Nice, France to Monte Carlo, Monaco 🇲🇨 is less than 5 dollars and about 25 mins away. Not only can you take advantage of Nice and it's beautiful beaches on the french riviera, but you can pop into Monaco to say hello.

If you're interested in hiking, skiing, or seeing something amazing, one of the best parts about France is the alps. The alps are the largest mountain range in Europe that goes through 8 different countries. The french alps are home to the highest mountain in Europe called Mont Blanc. I conquered and climbed Mont Blanc. Watch out for the avalanches!

Quick question: What's one of your favorite Oprah movie? What's one of your favorite Prince songs? If you answered The Color Purple or Purple Rain then the Lavenders fields in France is yo thang. In case you're wondering, the Lavender fields bloom in June, July, and August. "I think it pisses God off, when you walk past the color purple and don't acknowledge it."

Quick question number 2: Do you like wine? Of course, you do. How has it taken me this long to discuss drinks? France is known for their wine and is one of the world's leading producers. Before you crack open the bottle make sure you have some extra money and your phone charged. You're going to need to call an Uber, you're not drinking only one glass.

France for many of us tourists we picture city sides and busy streets and cafe culture. However there are a lot of hidden wonders that this country offers. Take for example its lakes and rivers offering so much fun and great views. My tip is this...take advantage of the lakes and rivers in France and if you can't swim...get a life vest like me!

France is full of so many great cities with endless culture and great cuisines. When traveling to France take time and explore everything. It's easy to get caught in Paris, rightfully so because it's beautiful, but there's an endless supply of country waiting to be seen... so here is my tip... pick a city in France and "phil the culture." I picked Boudreaux and that city had me jumping for joy.

Thanks Phil for the tips! Let's explore.


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