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Bora Bora - Anniversary Trip

My parents recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. (I know right - who do they think they are, the Obamas or something? lol)

Before we get into their epic getaway to the middle-of-nowhere paradise and congratulating them on making this mark, let me start by saying that my parents, particularly my mother, is not the most excitable traveler. I have no idea where I got my crazy travel bug from because the trips I remember as a kid were 1-2 trips to Disneyland and I think maybe a road trip to Virginia Beach. My mom was not here for the long flights and drama of going overseas, not even to her home country in the Caribbean, Grenada.

Someway, somehow, a few years back my father persuaded my mother to start traveling again and since then they've been zip-zagging across the Caribbean, Hawaii and to stunt on all of our lives for their anniversary, French Polynesia.

In case you're curious about where on the map Bora Bora is... See below.

That's right, it's surrounded by ocean, next to ocean, not too far from ocean. HA!

But goodness it's BEAUTIFUL! Here are a few gems my mom had to share about the experience:

Maururu (thank you) for your kind hospitality, Bora Bora. "A place so nice you must say it twice."

After a long series of flights we arrived at Le Meridien about 9:20 a.m. Our hotel hotel held our bags and allowed us to shower and change and use amenities until our room was ready. Check in was at 3 p.m. but the hotel tracked us down when our room was ready at 2 p.m. TIP: Bring your bathing suit in your carry on for easy access!

Free amenities at the hotel: kayak, paddle board, volley ball, pool

Tropical storms were a pain but they don't last long. We stayed by the door like a child waiting for the rain to stop so we can go outside and play.

The jetski tour isn't for everyone. It was an unforgettable adventure. I just had the worst experience on the jetski. The tour guide took our group out into the deep waters with the big waves and I almost fell off twice. I only actually fell off in the shallow water when my husband, your father, was trying to get on the jet ski. Rain on your face at 45 mph feels like hail. I was holding on for dear life.

We stayed in an over water hut with a glass bottom. We loved going swimming around our hut. I went into 10' water around bungalow. It was my first time since my swimming lessons swimming in that level of water. Sting Rays won't sting unless you step on them, who knew? We also saw lemon shark, pointy nosed fish, gray school of fish, some blue fish. None of which are harmful.

It's actually our 29th anniversary, not our 30th but who's counting? We've been together for 34 years. We've known each other more than half our lives. To many more joyous years together.

Bora bora is the only island,.thus far, that tops my home paradise of Grenada/ Carriacou - land that I love land of my birth. It was beautiful! I loved every minute of it.

I was happy to leave Brooklyn but was also happy to return. I got excited when I saw the lights shining in from the night sky.

Sounds like the lovebirds had a good time with new experiences and memories to last them another 30 years! Happy Anniversary parentals! Many, many more! And then for their epic photos shoots:

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