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Man, I Miss Philadelphia!

Soul Society Fam! Who has been to PHILLY? What did you love about it most?

Having lived in Philly for 4 years for college (shout out to Temple University!) it's a city close to my heart, and a city with so much SOUL. Every time I go back to visit Philly I fall in love again and again and find new gems! It's been a few years since my last visit, but this new video series "We Got You" has me ready to hop on I-95 for a weekend trip ASAP.

Each video focuses on a different part of Philly to fall in love with - music, food, fashion, art and history. So after you watch the series, when you book your trip (because I know you will lol) be sure to get a cheesesteak from Ishkabibble's or Max's, hang on south street and check out the Magic Gardens, check out the historic areas and nightlife, but most importantly take the time to get lost in the city of brotherly love and find all the small but impactful things that make it a city like no other.

Check out the video series here featuring Tarik "Black Thought", Tai Beauchamp, Luvvie and more of your faves.

This post is #sponsored by Visit Philadelphia

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