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#SafariGoals in Kenya

I’ve aspired to visit Kenya for quite some time now. As a country it offers some of the most diverse experiences, from the beach in Diani/Mobassa, to the bustling capital of Nairobi and the amazing safari and tribe in the Masai Mara. I’ll post more about my full trip later, but first, I can’t wait to share more about the safari experience that we had!

(Original images featuring Rondel Holder)

Through following a travel blogger friend, Monet, also known as The Traveling Child I learned and saw about her amazing experience with Natural World Kenya Safaris and knew that I wanted to book with them. She had a seamless experience traveling with her family of four through multiple parts of Kenya, which if anyone has traveled with kids or experienced a safari, you have an idea of how difficult that can be. But she’s a trooper! And she gushed via social media about how thoughtfully curated her safari experience was, along with knowledgeable guides all provided by Natural World Kenya Safaris. Not to mention that the owner, Humphrey, is a Black Kenyan, and you know how passionate I am about supporting local African business and Black-owned business both domestically and abroad!

Through booking with Natural World Kenya Safaris, we stayed at Mara Serena Lodge which is one of the few traditional resort options out in Kenya. By traditional I mean that that most of the lodging options in this region are glamping or camping in a tent with varying degrees of amenities, but Mara Serena Lodge is one of the few, if not the only lodging option with hard walls and ceiling, which I welcomed. Though I wouldn’t mind trying glamping the next time I visit!

With three days in the Mara we opted for private tours so that we could move at our own pace. Private safaris give you the freedom and flexibility to take your time when you see amazing sites and animals, but also start and end the safari whatever time of day you want, and also keep it moving when you wan vs dwelling at a random location because someone else on your tour wants to take pictures. Since this one none of our first times visiting a safari, we didn’t want to feel trapped and wanted the flexibility to move at our own pace. Private tours are slightly more expensive but can be worth it depending on your level of safari experience and interest.

The terrain in Masai Mara was gorgeous. Open plains with hills and mountains in the distance, trees and flowers that are indicative of East Africa. The sunset is other worldly. Most impressive of course in a safari experience is the animals. We saw hippos, crocodiles, lions, cheetahs, zebras, giraffes, elephants (our favorite) and so much more! There is nothing like seeing these animals, in their own habitats, doing their own thing. I wrote an Instagram post sharing my full sentiments on it here. It warms my heart and puts everything into perspective!

With Natural World Kenya Safaris, we also had the experience of visiting a Maasai tribe. If you’re remotely into African travel you’ve likely seen images of them before. They are easily one of the most recognizable tribes, usually wearing the most vibrant red blankets accompanied by walking sticks. This tribe sticks with their traditions and doesn’t want much to do with modernization/westernization. And I’m not mad at them! I’m also glad the Kenyan government has preserved their land and helps them protect their culture. They welcomed us with a song and dance, brought us into their home, spoke to us about many of their traditions including polygamy and drinking animal blood, what it takes for a boy to become a Maasai warrior and more. The experience was enlightening and refreshing. I felt truly connected, yet also like I was living out a dream.

Last but not least on our three day trip to the Masai Mara with Natural World Kenya Safaris, we had a picnic in the middle of the bush. Hey cutie LeChicBoheme. Talk about surreal... Our guide kept laughing because I could not stop looking over my shoulder to make sure no animals were coming. I mean, we literally just spotted a cheetah a few minutes drive away. haha!

Safari Goals, REALIZED! Thank you Natural World Kenya Safaris. Book with them to explore many of Kenya's national parks and safaris!

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