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Ultimate Guide to Travel - an Online Masterclass for Budget Travel

For those of you who have been rocking with Soul Society 101 for a while, you know that I am obviously passionate about traveling and getting a full cultural experience.

At this point I've traveled to 60+ countries without sacrificing my finances...

I'm not rich, and I'm also not a backpack traveler who stays in slum accommodations to afford traveling. I'm somewhere in between - a guy with a day job who loves to travel -- so much that I started a travel blog called Soul Society 101 in 2011 to keep track of my adventures. On average I visit around 6-7 countries per year, and I love it! Travel makes me feel alive, free, connected and keeps my curiosity going.

As I've been hopping on planes exploring different regions of the world, sharing my fresh perspective on travel has gotten me featured in The New York Times, NY Daily News, ESSENCE, The Points Guy, Buzzfeed, TV One and more. It's been a wild ride and I don't plan on slowing down my travels any time soon, but I work too hard to simply empty my bank account every time I want to get away. What I've learned over the past 8+ years, some through extensive research and some through trial and error, is how to travel well without spending all of my cash or going into debt!

I've learned how to travel SMARTER. That means, making my travel work for me! I've mastered how to get free and discounted round trip flights, free and discounted hotel stays, how to make the most of my money abroad while still having full cultural experiences in comfort, and so many tips that make my dollar stretch everywhere I go. On average I save over $4,000 per year on my travel using these methods that anyone can use! Not just influencers and bloggers, not just people who want to be full-time travelers -- literally anyone who wants to get away a few times a year can use this online masterclass to save thousands of dollars on travel. And in my course I show you the receipts to prove it.

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